11. Who Will Go? (Kes siis läheb?)

CHORUS in English

1. Jesus went to Heaven many years ago

getting places ready in our heavenly home.

But before we move there,

He left this job to do.

Go around the world to tell,

tell the young and old as well.

Jesus is the One who gives eternal life to you.


So who will go tell them if we will not go?

And who will go serve them if we answer “no”?

This job has been given, He asks you and me

to share the news with everyone

that Jesus sets them free.

2. In the darkest jungles people praise the Lord.

In the deepest prisons they trust His living word.

Still there are too many who fall asleep in fear.

No one ever showed the way, no one came to them to say:

Jesus gives you peace of heart for He is always near.

3. God still calls His children to take the Gospel out,

climb the highest mountain, and reach those lost in doubt.

When you think of leaving, first remember this:

You don’t have so far to go, Jesus wants your friends to know:

He’s the God who loved them so He died upon a cross.